LOG-WAY-SOLUTION Sp. z o.o. is an exclusive distributor of ConFoot® in Poland.

An easy, cost-effective and user friendly way to enhance shipping container logistics!

ConFoot legs can be used to unload, load or stand a container straight from a trailer. Only one person required for the simple procedure. No need for specialist equipment.

ConFoot leg®

  • Total weight 24 kg per unit

  • Nominal height 1043 – 1448 mm

  • Maximum gross weight of container 30 000 kg

  • 700 mm space between the feet keeps the container steady lengthwise

  • The product is patented

How it is used

The container arrives on a trailer with hydraulic suspension. The simple operation to unload the container includes:


The trailer is raised to its highest position with the hydraulic suspension


The container locks are loosened


The ConFoot-legs are positioned into the lock holes on the four corners of the container


The trailer is lowered into the driving position


The trailer is towed away from under the now supported container

When the container is picked up, the previously mentioned actions are performed in reverse.

Introducing CFP-legs for loading docks

Watch the new video of CFP-legs and how to use them!

With all ConFoot-legs it is possible to load or unload the container with a forklift. The maximum weight limit for all models is 30 000kg.

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